This section of the website describes some training opportunities that can be provided by Barbara T. Doyle, M.S. All workshops can be customized to reflect organizational goals and outcomes, and be geared to specific audiences and time frames. New workshops can be developed as needed. Trainings can be directed to participants concerned with children and/or adults with autism related disorders or to those concerned with children and adults with other disabilities. Fees for training events are negotiated on a case by case basis. Be sure to contact Barbara with your ideas for training or with requests for training development.

1.  Who should participate in these teaching and learning opportunities?

2.  Creating the Future Today: Changing Society’s View of People With Autism Spectrum Disorders

3.  Welcome to the 21st Century: Changing the Lives of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders by using Technology

4.  Creating Lifetime Plans: Knowing Where You Want to Go and Making a Successful Plan to Get There!

5.  Teaching Ten of the Most Important Goals to People with Special Needs of All Ages: Skills that Lead to a Safe and Independent Life

6.  Teaching Skills: Avoiding Legal Problems

7.  And Justice for All, Unless You Have Autism: What the Legal System Needs to Know About People With Autism Spectrum Disorders

8.  Positive Behavioral Change

9.  Working Effectively with Children and Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism (AS/HFA): A Special Four Part Program

10.  Creating Functional, Lifetime Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities

11.  Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

12.  Becoming the Instrument of Change: Teaching Communication with Conscious Interacting

13.  Inclusion Is Not Geography: Mapping Out Inclusion in the Minds of Others

14.  Understanding and Teaching People who have both Down Syndrome and an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help for Staff and Families

15.  Understanding and Teaching People who have both Blindness or Vision Impairment and an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help for Staff and Families

16.  Understanding and teaching Children and Adults who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and have an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Help for Staff and Families

17.  Explaining ASD: Who What When Why and How To Tell

18.  Maximize Your Effectiveness: How to Overcome Assessment Challenges

19.  Mind Mapping - a new tool for visual thinkers