Teaching Ten of the Most Important Goals to People with Special Needs of All Ages: Skills that Lead to a Safe and Independent Life

Staff and families often struggle in an effort to choose the most important and relevant behavior and skills to teach people with disabilities. Sometimes efforts result in an individual knowing many things and being able to do many things, but still not able to become a safe and included member of a social group.

It has become clear that some skills and abilities are much more important than others in a person’s life time. In this presentation, these most important skills and abilities will be discussed. Participants will understand why these targeted and prioritized goals can become a basis for preparation for adulthood or a way of improving the quality of life experiences for people with developmental disabilities and other diagnoses who are already adults.

This presentation takes a positive and proactive approach to prioritizing goals when working with people with disabilities of all ages. The information can help teams commit to building more positive and targeted lifelong skills and behavior. It helps parents work actively as full team members, replacing fears and concerns about the future with plans and action.