“Safety and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Empowering Children and Adults with Devices and Technology” DVD

In this DVD, Ms. Doyle describes and demonstrates how both “low” and “high tech devices can enhance safety and quality of life for children and adults with ASD across all environments.  To obtain a copy of this one-hour DVD, contact the Illinois Assistive Technology Program.

The cost of the DVD is only $5 (to cover the cost of duplication) plus postage.

This DVD was produced by the Illinois Assistive Technology Program in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services. The DVD is “open-captioned” and has both English and Spanish tracks.

To order, contact the Illinois Assistive Technology Program Phone 217-522-7985 or e-mail Jane Teeter at jteeter@Iltech.org.

"Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Early Care and Educational Settings" Series

Barbara was the featured expert for the University of Illinois Ask An Expert for Illinois Early Learning. Her series title is "Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Early Care and Educational Settings." 

Audio Conferences

Ms. Doyle has created and presented two audio conferences for LRP Publications that can be purchased from LRP Publications.

1. Practical Strategies for Transitioning Students With Autism to Post-Secondary Life 
Presented by Barbara T. Doyle

For young adults with autism spectrum disorders, leaving school and becoming a productive member of society requires more than just academic skills. With limited time for special education instruction, educational teams need to identify, prioritize and effectively teach the most important skills for adulthood while meeting the IDEA transition requirements. 

In this recorded 90-minute audio conference, you discover practical teaching and teaming strategies to help students with autism successfully transition to work and adult living in any community. Join us for a discussion of the needed services and skills that support transitions from school, such as: 

  • Why identifying and eliminating dangerous and potentially dangerous behavior is a crucial element of the transition plan from the start 
  • Essential academic and personal skills that students need to succeed, and how to teach these skills 
  • Techniques for effective team communication 
  • How to view and use restricted and repetitive interests as assets in vocational planning and training 
  • Strategies to connect students with adult service providers and potential employers 
  • Effective ways to involve and support parents and families in teaching needed skills from an early age 

(Printed materials included.) 

(2007. CD. 90 minutes Product Code: 3801.110707) 

Price: $240.00 S/H: $5.50


2. LRE and the Student With Autism: Strategies for Targeting Essential Social Skills in the General Classroom 
Presented by Barbara T. Doyle, M.S.

Districts are striving to comply with the IDEA's least restrictive environment requirements and want success for all students. In this session, you and your school teams will discover practical steps to prioritize the needs of any student with ASD in the LRE. 

Learn how to determine the social skill differences that are often the underlying causes of behavioral issues in the classroom. Ms. Doyle will outline a quick and effective system -- the “Kaizen method” -- to define issues, and explain how to select replacement behavior, motivate change, improve team communication, promote true peer understanding and use time more efficiently. 

During this 90-minute recorded audio conference, you and your staff will learn to: 

  • Use the Kaizen method to quickly identify what is working well with students behaviorally and socially and what needs additional attention and focus 
  • Describe target behavior objectively and focus team efforts on prioritized goals 
  • Develop and test hypotheses regarding the underlying causes of the target behavior 
  • Provide classroom peers with needed information to promote understanding and skill development for all students 

(Printed materials included. CDs must be prepaid. No returns on CDs.) 

(2008. CD. 90 minutes Product Code: 3801.081308) 

Price: $245.00 S/H: $5..50 


For more information visit LRP Publications online or call toll free 1-800-341-7874.