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Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives

  • Hamilton's Banquet Hall Jacksonville, IL (map)

"Promoting Mental Health For Students with ASD"

For the Illinois Council for Exceptional Children (ICEC) Chapter 99, Jacksonville Illinois.

Ms. Doyle will employ small group processing and discussion, large group discussion and review of material, question and answer sessions, visual aids, lecture, and printed materials

Objectives include that participants will be able to:

  • List four features of autism spectrum disorder that have an impact on the development of mental health.
  • Identify 5 observable skills and 3 thinking strategies used by people who are mentally healthy.
  • Describe four teaching strategies that can be used to teach mental health skills to people with autism spectrum disorder of any age.
  • Learn and practice two techniques to “quiet the mind.”
  • List four common practices that can be detrimental to the mental health of children or adults with ASD.

Workshop contact:  

Beverley Holden Johns 

Phone: 217-473-1790.