Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z: What to Know, What to Do. Written by Barbara. T. Doyle, MS and her sister Emily D. Iland, MA

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Emily and I are two sisters who have a lot to say on the topic of ASD! Emily is the parent of an adult son with ASD. This experience led Emily to become a professional in the field, specializing in reading and learning issues in ASD. Barbara has been in the field of special services focused on ASD and other disabilities for almost four decades! Together, we have accumulated substantial information and resources. We have written our book together to personally guide each reader (professionals, families and others) through the process of understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders, how it affects your loved one, student, adult son or daughter, or client, and what you can do about it. Our book is practical and down to earth, written in a clear style so everyone can use the material easily.

There is a lot to know, to tell, and to think about, so we designed each chapter to provide the information you need, or lead you to it. Of course, there may be an overwhelming amount of information, and readers may refer to various chapters for guidance at different stages in the process of: 
* Getting a diagnosis
* Dealing with the impact of it, 
* Understanding and obtaining in-depth, meaningful assessments across the lifespan, 
* Obtaining supports and services, 
* Developing individualized programs at any age or stage of life, 
* Working effectively as teams, assisting families, and
* Transitioning from one phase of life to another.

Our book focuses on What to KNOW about ASD and what to DO about ASD. Once people feel satisfied with their level of knowledge, the question is always asked, "OK, so now what do I do about this?" Our book helps people know what they can do to help their loved one, student or client learn, be safe, participate, work, have friends, change, improve, be happy and be successful. We have written in detail about many of the ideas, approaches, methods, strategies, and interventions that are options for helping people with autism spectrum disorders across their lifetimes.